I Think Our Local Bistro Didn’t Account For Inflation, Prices Unchanged Since Decades, I See Them Struggling

It’s our local kofta (grilled minced meat) bistro in Morocco. I see the occupiers struggling hard and constantly unnerved. Half a khobz (Moroccan round bread) full of kefta with grilled tomatoes, onions and spices, and a hefty amount of fries for just 15 DHS ($1.5), unchanged since decades, but in other restaurants that have more … Read more

Hulu Affiliate Program

Your business’s website or blog provides useful information, entertainment, and other content that brings visitors interested in watching shows, and you want to monetize your traffic? Then the Hulu Plus Affiliate program is perfect for you. What is Hulu? Hulu is an American subscription video-on-demand service controlled and majority-owned by Walt Disney Direct-to-Consumer & International, … Read more

Udacity Affiliate Program

What is Udacity ? Here is some basic information about what Udacity is all about.  Udacity is a site offering courses to learn the Latest Tech Skills. Advance your career with online courses in programming, data science, artificial intelligence, digital marketing, and more. Built with industry leaders. Udacity’s teaching system offers each of its students … Read more

Binance Affiliate Program Review

What is Binance? Binance is a leading blockchain and cryptocurrency platform with a product suite that includes the largest digital asset exchange by volume. Trusted by millions of investors worldwide, Binance focuses on the freedom and flow of money between individuals. Its offerings include trading, education, data, research, funding, decentralization, infrastructure solutions, social initiatives, and … Read more

TubeBuddy vs VidIQ

For YouTubers out there, it’s obvious that you are looking forward to growing your channel and outshining others on the platform. Who doesn’t want to get a higher YouTube ranking, more views, subscribers, and even more watch time on their videos? The first tool that Youtubers used, YouTube Studio, formerly Creator Studio, is a web … Read more

How To Monetize Your Facebook Content

In today’s post we’ll look at two ways to monetize your Facbook content: monetizing it yourself, or with the options Facebook offers. Let’s get into it. Monetize Facebook content yourself Facebook groups are one of the best ways to share your expertise, build your brand, and make money. One of the best ways to monetize … Read more

How Much Is A Facebook Group Worth

Not too long ago I was part of a group where the question was asked “how much is a Facebook group worth”. I didn’t have a clear answer then and I still don’t. In the past, most business people have been obsessed with the idea that they have to have a Facebook group to be … Read more

7 Healthy Habits of Affiliate Marketers

Lifestyle habits are the foundation of good health. While most people know which activities are detrimental to their health, only a select few are aware of the activities that are beneficial. This article will focus on the 7 healthy habits of affiliate marketers. These habits have helped me in my own marketing career, and I … Read more

Fiverr Affiliate Program Review

Fiverr is a platform that allows users to offer and consume services and products. It has a growing user base as the number of users grows as well as the number of services (now over 40 million). The Fiverr affiliate program is the affiliate program from the extremely popular freelance marketplace Fiverr. Like most affiliate … Read more